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Quarantine Life

Quarantine sucks for many people and businesses in the event and hospitality industry! However it has given us plenty of time to revamp our website, create connections here in California, and cook up awesome event ideas for when this is all over!!

Due to big life changes and Covid-19, Krewphoria Events has been unable to host an event in 2019 and 2020 so far. We are hoping to host our first fundraising event in the state of California by next spring!

We hope you are staying healthy and safe during this weird time in our lives! Event life with be back to normal soon, well maybe not normal, but hopefully with new standards and practices so that we can continue to dance safely.

Much love to you all. 💖

Charity Event, Concert, Fundraiser, Halloween, Nightlife

Mālama Masquerade 2018

Let the Halloween festivities begin!! 🎭👺👻

Mālama Masquerade_Final Poster

Mālama Masquerade is a costume party fundraiser! This 6 hour event showcases 6 talented DJs from Hawaii and Washington State! This tropical masquerade will be located at the Boda Cafe in Honolulu on Friday, October 5th, from 9:30pm-3:30am. Must be 18+ to dance, 21+ to drink!

Mālama Masquerade is an event that allows people of all different types come together through a love of music and giving back to the community. This event will give guests an opportunity to make new friends, hear several local up and coming DJs play their music, and support a Hawaiian non-profit by donating their ticket proceeds to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Free mask with entry!!


$15 entry  |  $10 online

Tickets may be purchased here:

🎭 Arrive at this tropical masquerade with a mask and your most colorful wear to support several Hawaii local DJs and help your community too!🍍🌺🌴
**Festival wear is allowed!


👍 CAN bring:
Kandi, gloves, hoops, poi, orbitals, etc. are ENCOURAGED!

🚫 Prohibited Items:
Alcohol, Drugs, Outside Food/Drinks, Large Backpacks, Weapons, Violence, Bad Vibes

🌎 Mālama means to take care of, protect, maintain, or preserve. 🌎


#MālamaMasquerade #UniteGiveLove