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Quarantine Life

Quarantine sucks for many people and businesses in the event and hospitality industry! However it has given us plenty of time to revamp our website, create connections here in California, and cook up awesome event ideas for when this is all over!!

Due to big life changes and Covid-19, Krewphoria Events has been unable to host an event in 2019 and 2020 so far. We are hoping to host our first fundraising event in the state of California by next spring!

We hope you are staying healthy and safe during this weird time in our lives! Event life with be back to normal soon, well maybe not normal, but hopefully with new standards and practices so that we can continue to dance safely.

Much love to you all. 💖

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Mālama Masquerade 2018

Let the Halloween festivities begin!! 🎭👺👻

Mālama Masquerade_Final Poster

Mālama Masquerade is a costume party fundraiser! This 6 hour event showcases 6 talented DJs from Hawaii and Washington State! This tropical masquerade will be located at the Boda Cafe in Honolulu on Friday, October 5th, from 9:30pm-3:30am. Must be 18+ to dance, 21+ to drink!

Mālama Masquerade is an event that allows people of all different types come together through a love of music and giving back to the community. This event will give guests an opportunity to make new friends, hear several local up and coming DJs play their music, and support a Hawaiian non-profit by donating their ticket proceeds to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Free mask with entry!!


$15 entry  |  $10 online

Tickets may be purchased here:

🎭 Arrive at this tropical masquerade with a mask and your most colorful wear to support several Hawaii local DJs and help your community too!🍍🌺🌴
**Festival wear is allowed!


👍 CAN bring:
Kandi, gloves, hoops, poi, orbitals, etc. are ENCOURAGED!

🚫 Prohibited Items:
Alcohol, Drugs, Outside Food/Drinks, Large Backpacks, Weapons, Violence, Bad Vibes

🌎 Mālama means to take care of, protect, maintain, or preserve. 🌎


#MālamaMasquerade #UniteGiveLove


Unite. Give. Love.

Krewphoria Events has been rebranded! The original logo is something that was drawn and created on a whim to officially start Krewphoria Events. We have now created a new logo that we feel represents Krewphoria Events and the goals we have set for the future.

New Brand

Three completely different shapes are used to create one symbol we all know as the peace sign. Each shape represents something different.


💗 Circle: UNITE
💚 Triangle: GIVE
💙 Rectangle: LOVE

Krewphoria Events aims to bring communities together with the same love and passion for music, dancing, and helping others. Each event has a fundraising aspect to it so all guests have an opportunity to give back to the community while also enjoying themselves. Ultimately, Krewphoria Events revolves around love. Everyone deserves to feel loved and welcomed, and you can find that here.

Krewphoria Events’ 5th live music event and the FIRST one in here in Hawaii will be in October of 2018. It will benefit the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Stay tuned for more information about the Mālama Masquerade! 🎭

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One Love 98926 – A Success

Wow! Last Saturday, February 24, 2018, One Love took place at the Ellensburg Events Hall, and guests were walking in at 6:30 as soon as the doors opened.


There were seven sets all playing a different genre of music. There was Folk, Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and Electronic Dance Music. Performers included: Seth Garrido, Pastel Motel, Cadence, DJ RÜDE, Hookshot, Gultrixx, and DJ Fallen. All the performers were amazing and the audience loved the funky rock and reggae that played throughout the night. We will definitely be working with more live bands in the future!

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Almost everyone participated in the gift basket raffles, so when Alex Rowley announced each basket in between sets, they were an absolute hit! Big thank you to the Rodeo City Rollergirls who volunteered by selling admission and raffle tickets during the event.

All raffle proceeds went to ASPEN Victim Advocacy Services. Ashley Roberts, an advocate for ASPEN, told One Love guests about the organization and how they’re helping just by attending the show and/or participating in the raffle.

We were able to raise $600 to donate to the Kittitas County Aspen Domestic Violence Shelter! Thank you everyone who helped Krewphoria Events and the Bearded Sinners Beard Club make this possible!

ASPEN donation

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Charity Event

One Love 2018

Several groups within the community have come together to bring Ellensburg one night of music, dancing, and raffles! One love is a multi-genre concert that will bring people of different interests together into one room. With various artists performing Folk-Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and Electronic Dance Music, this event has a little something for everybody!

There will be several raffle drawings throughout the night for gift baskets that have been created by each group involved in this event. Guests may purchase raffle tickets to enter for their favorite gift basket. All proceeds made from the raffle will be donated to Aspen Victim Advocacy

We wanted to make purchasing tickets as easy as possible for you! Entry for One Love 2018 costs $5 per person OR $15 for the entire family! Visit this link for more information:

One Love 2018.jpg