Unite. Give. Love.

Krewphoria Events has been rebranded! The original logo is something that was drawn and created on a whim to officially start Krewphoria Events. We have now created a new logo that we feel represents Krewphoria Events and the goals we have set for the future.

New Brand

Three completely different shapes are used to create one symbol we all know as the peace sign. Each shape represents something different.


💗 Circle: UNITE
💚 Triangle: GIVE
💙 Rectangle: LOVE

Krewphoria Events aims to bring communities together with the same love and passion for music, dancing, and helping others. Each event has a fundraising aspect to it so all guests have an opportunity to give back to the community while also enjoying themselves. Ultimately, Krewphoria Events revolves around love. Everyone deserves to feel loved and welcomed, and you can find that here.

Krewphoria Events’ 5th live music event and the FIRST one in here in Hawaii will be in October of 2018. It will benefit the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Stay tuned for more information about the Mālama Masquerade! 🎭

#KrewphoriaEvents #UniteGiveLove #Community

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